Velar Plosive

by Sean Downey



released January 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Sean Downey Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Alone
I'm sure you know what it's like to be alone from everyone
I'm sure you know what it's like to be at home with everyone
Even though I'm on my own and still I don't wanna be alone
Even when I wanna grow but there is just no where to go

I wonder about what we don't say out loud
I'm walking around but we don't make a sound
I'm making you proud but we don't need to shout
I'm finding it out, I'm gonna figure it out
Track Name: Bangee
Kringle Krungle in the jungle
scoot poot doodlin on his Didgeridoo
kinkle kinka winky stinka stinky a woppsie
nicklebees a beesy widdle bobble dee boo

jingle jangle dingle bangee

tangled kankle bricka bracka sprangled
yoo hoo dangle hangin from a branch
grub a rubbin brubber scrubbin dumbin and dumber
yiibber dibber dabber wida abercadabers

jingle jangle dingle bangee

jingle jangle dingle bangee

people wanna talk about
pop music
the newses
its useless

people wanna talk about
love stories
it bores me
im sorry

people like to eat carbohydrates
it's lovely
i love you

pumpernickle perrywinkle
its taters
Track Name: Canadian Rum
Buddha was a spirit coming up with lyrics now
Jesus was the savior and he's gonna show you how
Talented musicians fill the rhythm nation full
Beat becomes a mission beat into submissive soul

Canadian rum

Change the information leave the situation now
Born into a business built by hypocritic cows
Imagine all the talent turning magic into a show
Math becomes the power passing through what no one knows
Track Name: Dirt
Hey when your in your yard
you don't have to go far
cuz you got everything that you need
in your weeds you'll find lot's of dirt
dirt in your skirt
curds are worse
you're such a jer jer jerk
jerking turd
turds and dirt
dirty word
you're name Kurt
Kurt's the worst
for my burst

Loretta retard
crystal shard
in my yard
under par
in my car you'll go very far
when you raise the bar
here here har
sticking tar
your name's Lars
drink in bars
don't get SARS

drinking fizz
good for kids
popping quiz
take a wiz
in my biz you'll find lots of jiz
hers on his
your name's Liz
sharp edges

In your weeds you'll
In your in in in

find lots of dirt
Track Name: Divinorum
im not afraid i think im ok
and now is real and hour to feel
be a bird a digging in dirt
get me to an african zoo
yellow dog is making me soup
cuz i know what i did a reason or two
ballerina dancing on shoes
bored of walking a coming to you

make a room to keep all your brooms
with an allen wrench you make a sandwich
jewelry is too much for me
a lot of talking is keeping us on
bring a cake to eat on the way
i think im gonna type what i cannot write
backward bruises and common people
think with each other like different sheep

back to see your making me bleed
i cant stop walking till i gotta hop
back to the beach that keeps singing of what we just said
after then we need to get back to the bedroom inside your head
i keep on listening
then there will be others to peek through the hole
sidewards walking i think without evil
and even twice i caught you off guard
Track Name: Don't Have Much Time
no, I don't have much time.

And what if you dont stay home
you will lightened by the fire
you are 100 girls
you are 100 men
you are 200 of them
Track Name: Minutia
feeling all minutia
(I'm all done)

Be afraid of gentle waters
maybe we can turn things over
trouble trouble trouble trouble
(feeling all minutia feeling all minutia)
dancing free from distant troubles
fitting dreams inside a bottle
fancy me I've been in trouble
and when you drown
you're no where to be found
Track Name: Gettin Out
Slides are strange
they can be deranged
no idea now
why are upside down
slip into a maze
and get lost for days
no idea now
how we are gettin out

want to know how to do it on my own
(that's right)
in far away a rello and at the same time

people go insane
in the labyrinth of the brain
but we can figure out
that it's a simple route
taken to an end
that's just around the bend
we should be so proud
that we are gettin out
Track Name: Keeps Me Alive
whenever there's a few empty cries
than all I have to do
is call you from far away
we're gonna have to do the best we can do
but so much between one and two

your love keeps me alive

whenever two is three it becomes nine
and all there is to think
is asking me, why not three?
maybe this could be seeing through
we're seeing past one and two

your love keeps me alive
Track Name: I Wonder
I Wonder
Track Name: Odin Boy
Odin, boy, you're a tiny little anus, you're a tiny little anus.
Track Name: Orange Starfish
It's a slug on a rug
It's a snail on the rail
moving slow don't ya know
But it's an orange starfish

creepy and slimy and creepy and slimy
slimy all out
slimy all out
smily all in
slimy all in
slimy all in

greasy legs when you're on the stage
watch your step the floor is always wet
gonna slip and fall down on your hip

somebody must have spilled something slimy
on this lonely carpet

but it's just a slug on the rug
they move in slow when your not home
they leave a trail when you check the mail
and it might cause you to slip
Track Name: Once Above
Once above
now I've fallen through
no one else knows but you

i brought down my memories
of what it's like to be free

Reach out to the government
and the things heaven sent

got down another contract
sign and you cant go back

Feel bad about the silhouette
use it to win a bet

foreshadow to a tripple note
three voices in a row
Track Name: Ron Foyer
Still, Ron Foyer will appease me.
Track Name: Please Play
(Please Play)

I apologize for all the harm I might have caused you.

Why should I be kind?
If everything is mine
When everything I hate
Is everything I create