The New Wage

by Sean Downey

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After the band "Vidooch" had disbanded, Sean dove directly into the world of distorted new-age music in 2004. He was getting into a lot of Alex Grey artwork and meditation. He was fascinated by the idea of God and electronic music. Sean used PC software Talk-It! that would speak or sing phrases that were typed out.


released January 1, 2004

Everything done by Sean Downey except drums done by Liam Downey in "Macro Immutable" and "Magical"



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Sean Downey Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Exit Key
Keyboards are dead gods/Turn around and look what's keeping me alive/As he winks he still remembers who he is/Crashing down/Sleep with dynamics/Walk up the stairs/Drift down the river/10 1 9 2 8 3 7 4 6 5/Dead/God/Soil/God is in the soil of everyone's computer/Still inside/Listen to Vidooch loves you/Vidooch is the dead keyboard god that you are preparing for/Cosmos will provide all of the keyboards
Track Name: Macro Immutable
Transcend time and space/ Transcendental essence of Divine state/Complete rage destroys yourself/Universal omnipresent/Golden instruments in your hand/Ultimate clarity and emptiness/Macrocosmic consciousness/Immutable self/ Uncompromising faith
Track Name: Access
Stages of mind/Giving you access to different stages
Track Name: Return Home
Receiving transmission/Return Home/The airport is your home/You are just an alien/Watching the people in their planes/Are you from the same plane?/No/The Internet has your friends/You have the Internet in your hands/Take control on the frames/You need to go back to your home/The airport is your home
Track Name: The New Wage
Track Name: Magical
Escape from the single magical moments/Using images to create the things you want in life/Send your images to the cosmos and the Light will work through you/Make room to follow through - Ahaie/There is nothing more for you to think/Keep bearing fire/The sound of the precessions are in the center of your brain/Go/The time is now/Get fire fierce with every wave in creation of music/Take these songs wherever you go/Balancing the bad and good
Track Name: The Left Brain
The left brain processes verbal information/Its logical and rational in viewing problems/It sees the world through the conceptual world of words/It is meek/The left brain controls the right side of the body and the right hand/It is good at sequential logic/There is a Brain Consciousness Network/God is in us/He is not the Holy Ghost/The Holy Ghost is all the information in reality/And as information in your awareness is your inner life/Soul/By reversing left and right evolution has made the optical signal paths more economical without having to pay for it elsewhere
Track Name: The Order
You must develop a new way of thinking/Create new reasons for getting things done/Constantly change your perception and never look back/Reach out for the experienced birds/You have no experienced words/Most of the strength comes from the energies/Frequencies/Put all of your beliefs in a glove compartment/ Drive your car into an ancient river/The sun tickles the adored sliver/You are stuck in a dream/It's about time you woke up/Wake up/Shut your eyes/Listen to the sound of the universe/Let the new wage begin/Go deeper into the void/Don't try to fight it/Let the order take control/New Wage/New Ways/New Wave/New Age
Track Name: Hero
There is a way/You are the only one who can save us/No more food to eat/ God has lost his key/We've grown old from bread and wine/We need a Hero
Track Name: Forever Flock
Everybody must start with the same parameter frame
And can only change the inside and outer
It is right, right
Families crying beside every idea in outer space
You people are slow for the last frame
Humans are familiar
Faces look ugly when you are alone

First fractal forever flock fragile

So we start with the first frame
You hold responsibility for every event in you life
It's right, left, right, left, right, left