Smother Lumpkins

by Sean Downey

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released January 1, 2008



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Sean Downey Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Fun Fun Fun
Fun Fun Fun
we are having so much fun
Track Name: Soapbox
All my secret listeners
caught you in the act
know your in here listening
hope this helps relax

so much little happening
so much time to breathe
so much little happening
so much time to breath

stay the same age all night long
feel the phase coming out of this song
smoke the vampires into ash
sweep the bands that play for cash

(you cant expect me to draw
when there's nothing to be drawn
you cant expect me to read
when the pages are too long)

all the ancient visitors
help us understand
that following a president
will put food in your hands
and rid you of the evidence
that god was making plans
the fear that we're investing
to keep us form advancing
Track Name: Creative Differences
She controls everything we'd like to know
Everyone has a piece of your soul
Pick a date, it's too late
'cus we picked em and we pulled em till it reached 'good night'

Let the whole world is shine
Everyone is Fine
please excuse the reasons why we always have to fight
just say bye

He ignores everything that he should show
overgrown braches pull undertow
tested tried something died so we tried to rerecord em but the sounds collide


Let us see some sign
All he/she does is whine
please excuse the reasons why our songs are so contrived
just say bye
Track Name: New Friends
All your fears are posted up
mind your own business trip
and all my old friends, they disappear
but my girlfriend still here

wait, can't stop
(be my friend)

all my friends are new listeners
all my friends will wait for me
until the end of the song
Track Name: It's Lame
This is Lame
It's Lame
But you play
and you like
but it's lame
(editing tune-time)
(it's better than this, what's better than that)

It's just lame
to feel the pain
you can't blame
to be insane
we can lean
on each other's dream
and when it's time
well, we'll be alright
(take me to a place where I can stand afoot)
(editing tune-time)
Track Name: Gotta Spread
you gotta spread your love to everyone around you
do you know how?
Track Name: Windows
Windows check the windows
they're the best ive ever had
but they are broken they are rusty
make my house feel like a rag
whose here to help? somebody help me
somebody call me on my phone
to save the windows, check the windows
they must not be left alone

tell me that you'll catch me when i fall into the yard
because i like to watch the dogs begin to charge
and im alone
but there is someone on the phone to check my windows
i try to turn it off but he keeps telling me to change
(and i just cant change myself in no ordinary way)
and i just cant hang it up
Track Name: Deeply Morning
when there's nothing to be found
and there's nothing to be learned
we know just where to turn

we have to look inside
we have to find what's hiding
behind our closet door

I've swallowed all my pride
the door is open wide
what secrets shall i find?
Track Name: Melting Pot
All the angels in outer space
bless us with the fire
we took it to a higher place
but were not sure what we will face

to heaven we go
it's almost done its almost go
its almost done but we let go

save the boys and save the girls
let them see their judgment
all words that were never heard
make it louder
don't engage the mass parade
find your own system that works you
don't complain to things you hate
change the way you think

does anybody have some time change
does anybody have some time

you can't expect me to draw when theres nothing to be drawn
you can't expect me to read when the pages are too long

does anybody have some time change
does anybody have some time
Track Name: So Much Fun
Fun Fun Fun
We are having so much fun