Ferment EP

by Sean Downey

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released January 1, 2007



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Sean Downey Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Six Keys of Exodus
I went to my friend's bed
had to rest my poor head
I fell into a deep sleep
then I had my dream

and to my surprise

There were lawyers everywhere looking at me and calling me names
They were calling me things like "ear-phone" and "eye-Jack"
I didn't understand
I got scared
I didn't know what to do
I looked around
I ran
I ran away
As far as I could to the other side of the mountain
That's where they'd be
They'd help me
The Giants
The Giants are there, you can see them!

"Those aren't giants, Sean
Those are Gods
Gods with wisdom
and if you listen to them carefully they will give you the key
to destroy the lawyers on your own"

I woke up and went to school
everyone was wearing suits
I told them what the ****
they gave me an empty stare
(they get back around)
(stare back)
Track Name: Mighty Waters
I think I have found the key
To everybody else's need to cry
Let it go

It's just not enough to sit around
Keep on swimming and you'll drown
You'll drown, you'll drown, you'll drown

Everyone's going down
(and we lie)

Everyone will die
Track Name: The Grand Gethsemane
Me and my wife had a son
but he never grew up, no
he thought that he would give it up

we brought him to the zoo
and he loved the animals
but he was still sad inside

passing through the future
and nothing ever happened

he climbed up a tall tree
and he fell down on his knees
he wrote a book about that

his story was never published
but some of his friends read it
and he died three days after that

he never had someone to express his feelings with
he never walked on the sidewalk
hes coming form a standpoint that never is accomplished

he looked beyond the ocean
Track Name: Death Trap Relationship
You're in love with me

I have all the evidence
and all my dreams would tear me away
and I would never see you again
you're no different

there must be a way we could stay
'cus we're running out of time
and we don't wanna cry

death trap relationship

nice to know my dreams
wouldn't it be nice to be my queen
wouldn't it be nice to be there

I'm in love with you
Track Name: Last Repeated
Last repeated (yes it can't stop)

that don't feed brains

you are a snail

it's coming from a different place


And you've looked through all your pantries
and you find nothing
you find nothing
and you find nothing

we're sent around
(we're back)
we're sent around in circles

Haven't you called me the same?

And you've looked through all your pantries
and you find nothing
you find nothing
and you find nothing

Leather is all that it takes
flush away all the cakes
we baked in the afternoon

(incoherent rambling)

Hey, whatcha got there?
Aw tight! A motorized scooter!
I always wanted a motorized scooter!
can I try it out? Please? Please? uh-please?

we're sent around
we're sent around in circles

directness lab deficiency
the swift and fluidity of the sample given

Oh no, please come back sometime

It's time to take a break
(it's time to now stop)