Bink Poil

by Sean Downey

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released May 23, 2013



all rights reserved


Sean Downey Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Whenever You're Ready
Whenever you're done, whenever you're ready then I'll be ready, too

I didn't forget about particular time
let the window wide open to open your mind
the world is about to speak

you under, you under, you under, you under ground

hold me close so you can sleep at night
all the signs will show you what is right
double call so you can answer twice
take a chance on opening your mind up
Track Name: Really Bad
I need you and I want you bad
I miss you and I kiss you really bad
Track Name: Ready
teady to be a hit parade
ready to be yesterday
all my friends have left and gone away

have we forgot that everybody's happy
but no were not at all

ready to throw my things
ready for garbage day
how am i to let go of my name

im ten feet tall and there's still sky above me
now I'm small - so small

ready for the fight to draw
ready for the kite to fall
what about the people's right to poll

everyone vote
your decision matters
no it won't
Track Name: You Know I Already Knew That
I know
I know
I know
I know

I know
I know
I know
I know

I already that
already knew that

I already knew that
already knew that

You know
You know
You know
You know

You know
You know
You know
You know

You already knew that
You already knew that
Track Name: Capital Letters
The greatest hits
The biggest songs
The most, best compositions

The greatest celebrity
the biggest star
The most important person

The biggest flop
The greatest fail
The most, worst awful thing

The biggest jerk
The greatest villain
The most, worst horrible person

Everything you say
Are words with capital letters

Everything you say
Are words with capital letters

Everything you say
Are words with capital letters

Everything you say
Are words with capital letters
Track Name: Things You Do
order of the purple hearts and my own distrusted media arts
and I wonder what my teacher said about living dreams and being dead
build a bridge from you to me and then buy a pack of batteries
because i charge my broken apathy and drive my car till i'm empty

one more dream i gotta go to sleep and
one more week i gotta get a piece of mind
(with all the things you do)

one more time i gotta make a rhyme and
one more day i gotta get away from love
(with all the things you do)

a journey is a fish's prize and i cant explain or realize
that im swimming in the deepest pool and i cant relax or play it cool
pretty pics photography and i missed the opportunity to then
tell you all my problems please and i cant relax is get relief

live the dream you gotta make believe and
live the dream you gotta make believe in love

one more fight you gotta make it right and
one more down you gotta go to town tonight
Track Name: Please Forgive Me
Please forgive me

I broke all you know
it happens everywhere i go
big mistake to be sold
im sorry for what i told

pull a plug, sink a boat
i messed up but at least we float
warm beans in my throat
gonna throw em up here i go

here i go
Track Name: Clean Satan
paint me a mural (paint him a face)
play me a saxophone

deep in the earth (deep deep in the earth)
satan is all alone

writing your number down
leaving it right by the phone

maybe ill see you round
maybe ill just stay at home

dubling rebound (dub dubin in sound)
buy me a brand new red shoe

I'm so afraid (he's so afraid)
about what is happening to you

I cannot trust myself
Im ready to break you the news

behavior is out of style
I'm ready to take back that shoe

Give me a break (give him a break)
There is nothing left to lose

For heaven's sake (for heaven we pray)
Satan is not one to choose

But heaven is overgrown
and there is so much to use

Judging your history
you got a lot more to do

Take in a shower (dancing in rain)
get rid of all things you

washing you clean (wash washing away)
now you are brand new

Step into outer space
Who would of made all this mess

the cleaner you really are
the more dirty all the rest