by Sean Downey

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released January 1, 2006



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Sean Downey Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Sit and Stand
And we sit and stand up
(The sooner we bring it, the sooner we get out)
Track Name: Breemer
Let me see it but we'll leave on trial
forget about dreaming tomorrow

Take a sentimental break
thing about my teacher says

dreams of torment burns your house
and when your children cry out loud your hopeless
Track Name: Alpha Boy and Alpha Girl
I am alpha boy
I am alpha girl
Everyone wants a piece of the action

I can feel the sun when I ruin all the fun
Come out of the corner now it's time to play with us
Just one to realize, we don't have time to waste
there's no time to sympathize, let's proceed with haste

I am alpha boy
I am alpha girl
We both need each other

Everyone wants the guy with the sparkle in his eye
Everyone wants the girl with the wisdom and advice
Men bring all the mystery, there's darkness in my place
Women fashion honesty, born to illuminate

I am planet venus
I am planet mars
lets have sex together
Track Name: Spag
Figure it out, although you're running the line
battling beats because your better by now
put it away for a sunny day
calculate out unless you're calling the shots

you are not from where you came out

parasails, ferris wheels
tear it down, unless you feel ok
faking out, speckled spout
bear in mind it's what we came to be

watered waters how many times?
give me missing feelings for my glove

you are not from Winter's Spa
I'm not scared to throw you in the dump
Track Name: Different
It's ok to be a part of a different crowd
it's alright to be a part of a different sound

yes i need my father
yes i need my father
it's gonna take me a while
yes i need my father

it's ok to be reminded of a different crowd
Track Name: Free Vacation
Open up the envelope
Take it this is not a joke
Nothing ever goes my way

Should dare to trust my eyes
Thinking I have won the prize
Claiming it is work no play

Glaring at the sound of my foes
Have I gotten caught in their trap?

Billboards, TVs, brands and logos
Promos in my bottle cap

I wanna free vacation
But don't take all my money
Gimme gimme all your stuff
that's sponsored in your magazine
all your stuff that's sponsored in your magazine

Bright colors flashing by telling me to buy
everything is floating in my eye

Demographic arms reaching targeting the sky
pricing every slice of the pie

I can't sleep I know I got dough
I shouldn't let my feelings go

But all my dreams of tiny things
in plastic gardens quickly grow
Track Name: Busy Kids Busy Lips
Bridges bottling sound
bring me to the ground
forcing all my weight into a
crystal clear crown

meet me in the drive way
hoping for a good day
celebrations bring us close to
the things we keep inside

busy kids make it right from changing to the big flash forward
busy kids make it right from changing to the big flash forward
This is how you should feel right inside a tidal wave
this is how you should feel mine
busy kids make it right from flashing to the big flash forward

thrown into a game but dont wanna play
shifting all my lips into a smile
feeling all alone but simply stay with me
doing what it takes to make it right
Track Name: Meet Me In The East
adults cant swim into that sun at all
patronize the keys to the son in law
meet me in the back but youde never understand
throw me all your bags with the key inside
the plans for your escape are all called off
and still i cant believe that im standing here with you

so give up your mistakes to set it free
digging in the deep plays a major role
but barking up a tree is a damaged soul
balance all your leaves with the key inside
see me after class and dream at least
climb up to the stars and meet me in the east

synchronize swim into the sun at all
synchronize swim into the water at all
meet me in the east
Track Name: Beneath Sheets
She sat beneath sheet
She sat beneath sheet
She sat beneath sheet
She sat beneath sheet

So I did underneath yours

Need my say my friend
(I said there's no way)

As long as my friends get to come with me
(boy, are they for in a surprise)
(guess it's better to run away. My.)
Track Name: Monday
I dont have school on monday
well i guess that makes you special
yes it does because because because

I think I will watch some movies
well at least do your homework
no I wont I wont I wont

geez this day is getting boring
maybe its cuz your doing nothing
I think I will have some cake some cake some cake

wonder what my friends
they are all doing their homework
gosh what jerks what jerks what jerks

I dont have school on monday
yeah well do you have it on tuesday
Track Name: Passing Through The Future
you said it once but you said it before
(man, it's time to get waste)

me and my friends are all the same
maybe its time for us to rearrange
maybe its time to fight back
maybe its time to cry
maybe we think we're better
maybe we're getting worse

mother told me bad and my mother told me bad
and I'm an adult
(Passing Through The Future)
Track Name: 15 Years
it happened and it happened

15 years and it's totally broken
haven't give up 'cus I know that I'm chosen
grieving preachers and pissing lawyers
come together to rape the daughters

pedaling outside
Track Name: Pitching Tents
scream at me
make me hear you
hit me with your heart
fist me from the start

cure my ill
mend the hole now
suture up the scars
sew up all the stars

strangest things wont let you breathe because of lacking confidence
climb your way to pitching tents instead of jumping off the fence

fill me up with truth
sip out all the lies
color me wonderful

you eclipse the sky
rain down in storms of want
so wanting you

keep your feet buried beneath under the sprouting into air
things will work for themselves even if it seems unfair
strangest things wont let you breathe because of lacking confidence
climb your way to pitching tents instead of jumping off the fence

historically play-doh is more lucrative
than other hand held sculptive material
amongst children 3 to 7
Track Name: Inclined
here's the sound I thew away
but I can't escape to breathe again
keeping it so inclined to feel fine

mixing status overload
but i don't have room to fill my soul
mission accomplished

christ has played my game
now what have you gone and done?
Track Name: Leave Feet
met it before and it's back again
leave the feet so i can embrace it
Track Name: Oliver Surprise Villain Dime
Chandra McFarnsworth knows how to work
under the influence

Liam McClelland has a head like a mellon
and he steals like a felon but he believes in heaven

Casey Oliver likes penis coladas
likes drawing cartoons in his free time

Sean Matthew Downey magics the brownies
and advertises them on tv

Chandra McFarnsworth sleeps in a treehouse
she's hoping and waiting for a surprise

Liam McClelland has paintings worth selling
is never one for dwelling is the best kind of villain

Don't be scared Caseys a good boy
call him on a pay phone here's a dime

Sean my friends boyrfriend just around the bend
is laughing a squinting his eyes

Casey Oliver, Sean Matthew Downey, Liam McClelland, Chandra McFarnsworth
Track Name: On Second Thought
Let's not jump the gun right now
we need time apart
moderation is the key
too much sweet turns sour
I think I miss my own back home
I'm giving you my trust
give me distance get me back
your better off my crush

I cant stand to be there when your jokes grow old
you look so much better when there's more to know
it's not that i am sick of you I can't indulge
absence fondness hearts and such the loveless lull

now that there's been time apart Im missing you so much
second thoughts and hindsights prove the value of your touch
making me feel so in love i need you here right now
we were blind to think that we could be apart somehow

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

please don't leave me all alone now please don't leave me
Track Name: The Embrasive Rainbow Road of Gravel is a Horrowing Path to Love
There's no one around
we gotta play nice
we're taking our time
she's only mine now

this is a ray of dangerous games
holding your breath for over a day
this is a ray of dangerous games

contradictions abbreviation
damaged thinking is more addicting
contradictions abbreviation
damaged thinking is contradicting
Track Name: Party Time
met a teen that tried so many ways to be ignored
you can try to stop me but i won't let you out the door
finding all the instruments locked up inside your room
trying all the sounds but there's just too much to consume

it's always a party time
party time for me

you feel so alone when you are in a great big crowd
you can try to fix it but I'm not letting you out
i saw all the good girls fall in love with everyone
i saw all the people turn and run into the sun